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tv   Book Discussion on ISIS  CSPAN  April 4, 2015 3:57pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> is there a nonfiction author or book he would like to see on booktv? send an e-mail to tweet us at booktv or post on our wall, >> you would think they tried to portray it as the violent group but it has to do with trends in the region. one of the trends i talk about, another trend is our young people when they were -- revolted against the government, they revolted against the fiscally and the religious elite. isis is actually about rebellion against the religious of the. is anticlerical in that sense, against authority. there is the word people use to describe the attitudes of young
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people, rejection of intellectual monopoly or intellectual control. when anyone tries to message against isis, the messageing you are talking about all the time, isis isn't immune to these things. people talk about moderate discourse, isis is immune to that by nature. you might prevent people going to isis before that. once someone starts to bite into isis ideology is almost too late to reverse it. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> here's a look at upcoming book fairs and festivals happening around the country. the san antonio book festival will take place on the eleventh of april. look for some of this festival's programs to air on booktv in the
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coming week. next on april 18th and nineteenth booktv will be live from the university of southern california. for the 20th annual los angeles times festival of books. our full schedule of coverage for the weekend is available on our web site at then on april 25th the annapolis book festival will be hosted by the key school in annapolis, md.. booktv will be covering this festival as well. the city of gaithersburg, maryland will host the fifth annual gate is the festival on may 16th annual see it live on booktv that they. ..
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let me just give you a sample of jennifer's biography. do you want to read page or two? or start right in on the discussion after we do your biography. >> i'm happy to start rate in. >> host: jennifer jack quits an assistant professor at new york city. works at the intersection of con serve vacation and coops focusing on large-scale social dilemmas, such as overfishing and climate change. the wrote o'the guilty planet" blog for scientific america. she is crossing the river.


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